Friday, 2 March 2012

Swearing at two...??

I love listening to kids when they are learning to speak. Alex has a few choice words at the moment that crack me up when he says them, but he doesnt understand why. He thinks he is speaking well and I don't want him to start questioning himself, but they are hilarious mistakes.

Currently, he is obsessed with vehicles...diggers, buses, motorbikes...but he hasn't quite got the pronunciation. At the moment, every "truck" we see is pronounced with an f instead of the tr. Quite funny...and even funnier to watch other people's reactions if they aren't used to his way of speaking.

The other classic crack up is when Mr Independance has trouble doing something. "I do it" becomes "can't" but with a u sound instead of the a. And if he is really frustrated, it sounds like he is swearing because he is struggling! Another great one to watch the shock of others while trying hard to hide the smirk on my own face!


Viana said...

LOL!! That's hilarious!! I've heard that the replacement of 'f' for 'tr' in truck is quite common with young kids, although I don't quite understand why?

I can't wait 'til Cooper is talking to see if he bellows out an expletive for all the neighbours to hear every time his Daddy drives past in the truck, lol.

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