Thursday, 9 February 2012


They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so I guess boys are from outer space somewhere too!

They are just a whole new species to me! I have always had a man/boy in the house my whole life (dad, brother, husband) but having my own little boy has highlighted just how different they are to little girls.

Here are some the things I have discovered about boys....

  1. They are loud.
  2. They take up loads more space.
  3. They need to move almost constantly.
  4. They LOVE rough and tumble games.
  5. They love to be thrown, flown, swooped around.
  6. They can pick themselves up even after the nastiest of crashes or bangs.
  7. They still need mum, even if its to kiss the sore spot better before heading off to keep playing.
  8. They don't like clothes.
  9. They learn very quickly how to take off nappies.
  10. They wee as soon as the afore-mentioned nappy has been taken off!
Ok, so this is what I have learnt about MY boy, but from talking to other mums, Alex is not much different to other boys.

If this is what my 2year-old boy is like, looks like I'm in for an interesteing ride to come!


Viana said...

Hehe, boys are fun! ;) I'm just reading "Raising Boys" at the moment. It is amazing how different boys and girls are in their very make-up! I'm learning so much, and feeling both better equipped and more freaked out about raising a little boy and teaching him to be a real man. Thank goodness I don't have to do it alone!

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