Thursday, 27 October 2011


Learning to talk must be frustrating. If we learn a new language we already have a base language for reference but as a kid there is no reference point. And it's probably even harder when families have their own little dialects.

I know we do. We hop, for example. Not literally of course. God no!! No energy for that!! But we do hop... Hop off the couch, hop up on the chair, hop in and out of the shower. Poor Alex will be confused when he learns what hopping really means!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Been a while....

Well you might have thought I had disappeared, been eaten by lions or perhaps joined the space program. No such excitement really. I've just been busy.

What a mundane reason! Busy!! But it's the truth. Work and children have taken up my consciousness and energy and I haven't had time for anything else. Well I haven't MADE time for anything else.

That's the reality of it. I could probably make time if I put my mind to it but I guess with lack of energy comes lack of motivation. I've always believed that "inactivity breeds inactivity" so my goal is to change that. I'm hoping that with extended daylight coming into summer will allow me to start to take some time for myself.

Lke I said.... That's the plan!!

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