Sunday, 18 March 2012

The difference of one....

My kids are fairly well behaved. Like most others they play up at home when Mum and Dad's nerves are at wits end, but overall, they are pretty good kids.

However, out shopping with 2 kids and just me is a nightmare. I try to avoid it as much as I can. They feed off each other, copying each other and running amuck. But by themselves it's a different story.

I took Megan to the shops yesterday, just her and I, and it was lovely. We chatted about things that are important to an-almost-4-yr-old and had a great old time. Today I took Alex with me and enjoyed it just as much. We didn't have the in-depth conversations like yesterday's girly talks, but laughed and giggled at silly things.

They had (almost) undivided mum attention and revelled in it. No pulling things off the shelf or hiding under clothes racks (which I actually remember doing myself as a kid!). No dropping to the floor and refusing to move. No putting extra things in the trolley after Mum said "No!".

What a difference just one child makes. Just heavenly walking hand-in-hand or sitting happily in the trolley like the dreams you have of what it will be like to be the parent of toddlers!!


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