Thursday, 15 March 2012

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for...

For those who dont know "Peppa Pig", she is a Brittish cartoon character who has taken over our family, and many others too, I've heard!

Megan fell in love with her around this time last year...just in time for us to go "Peppa Pig" nuts for her 3rd birthday (see awesome cake made be moi! Well team effort with hubby).

Unlike most cartoon fads, however, she has stuck around and now infected Alex too! Even though Peppa herself is cute and the show is actually quite good, there is only so much we can stand. We are constantly being snorted at, getting called "Mummy Pig" or "Daddy Pig", have to watch the DVD's over and over again, and we are forever on the hunt for muddy puddles to jump in...muddy Australia in summer!! Buckley's chance!

She's got a lot to answer for...!


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