Saturday, 25 February 2012

A boy thing...

"Boys will be boys"

"it's a boy thing"

"boys and their toys"....

All really nice generalisations about boys but I have often wondered about how much we can influence boys and/or girls and how much is instinctive.

We never set out to treat Alex in a certain way. We let him play with Megans' dolls and he absoltuely loves wearing her dress up shoes and putting hair clips in his hair. I grizzled when the only colour available was blue and the only design was trucks. I wasn't looking for pink for him (though that's ok) but I just hated that everything was pre-determined- boys wear blue trucks, girls wear pink fairies... and don't get me started on trying to find things other than pink for a red-haried little girl either!!.

Despite all our "neutral-ness", Alex is still very boy-y. We cannot go past road works without him oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the diggers and dozers, he points out every bus and truck we see, and he can hear a plane flying overhead long before anyone else can.

He is also completely obsessed with balls. We have about 25 in all shapes and sizes and despite having so many, he is over the moon if someone gives him a new one.

So I wonder just how much we can influence the primal interests. I'm sure if Alex only had dolls and pink clothes he would still squeal with delight if a motorbike goes past!


Viana said...

Hehe, it's bizarre, eh? I'm reading 'Raising Boys' at the moment, and it fascinates me to read all the differences that are inbuilt, just part of their gender.

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