Megan is my gentle child. She was born in June 2008 and has recently turned four. She has already started saying that she will be five soon.

Megan loves to draw and does all manner of crafty things. She will play playdough for hours...and I mean hours!! She has begun writing letters and is always asking how to spell words as she labels her drawings. She is really keen to write her own book (similarities to mum??)

Megan is only little, much smaller than her peers. She is very bright and picks up new things very quickly. I'm sure that when she is older, she will surprise anyone who underestimates her!

Her favourite colour is pink, despite my every effort to limit the amount of pink in her wardrobe as a baby.


Alex is my wild child. I'm sure if he was baby number one, there would have been no baby number two!!

He was born Christmas Eve, 2009. He was a dreadful sleeper as a baby and has really only just started to improve in that domain.

He loves all things associated with boys...balls, cars, making lots of noise, lots of mess and lots of trouble! Alex will not sit still for longer than 5 minutes, unless the TV is on. Then, he will sit for hours!

At the moment, the favourite things are dinosaurs and crocodiles, I'm sure this is because they make lots of noise and eat people.

Alex copies most things that Megan does and hasn't yet qulaified as the annoying little brother. Not long now, I'm sure.....

Alex is very affectionate and is not shy in saying "I love you" or "I'll miss you" which melts my heart.


Mike and I met in 2002 and were married in 2006. We built our own home and are now having a great time completing all the plans we made way back then. Surprisingly, most have been very close to our original plans.

Mike has spent most of his working life in Retail. He eventually packed that all in to become an Integration Aide, working with children with disabilties in a mainstream school. He is currently studying to be a teacher through Open University.

His decision to leave the long hours of Retail behind has made a huge difference on his blood pressure and his relationship with the kids. He actually gets to see them in the afternoon and is there for meal times and bath/bed time.

There are ideas floating around that I will eventually go back to work full time when the kids are at school so that Mike can complete his university degree much faster. We will see how he copes being the "stay at home dad"!


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