Saturday, 25 February 2012

A boy thing...

"Boys will be boys"

"it's a boy thing"

"boys and their toys"....

All really nice generalisations about boys but I have often wondered about how much we can influence boys and/or girls and how much is instinctive.

We never set out to treat Alex in a certain way. We let him play with Megans' dolls and he absoltuely loves wearing her dress up shoes and putting hair clips in his hair. I grizzled when the only colour available was blue and the only design was trucks. I wasn't looking for pink for him (though that's ok) but I just hated that everything was pre-determined- boys wear blue trucks, girls wear pink fairies... and don't get me started on trying to find things other than pink for a red-haried little girl either!!.

Despite all our "neutral-ness", Alex is still very boy-y. We cannot go past road works without him oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the diggers and dozers, he points out every bus and truck we see, and he can hear a plane flying overhead long before anyone else can.

He is also completely obsessed with balls. We have about 25 in all shapes and sizes and despite having so many, he is over the moon if someone gives him a new one.

So I wonder just how much we can influence the primal interests. I'm sure if Alex only had dolls and pink clothes he would still squeal with delight if a motorbike goes past!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


It's almost March! I can't believe it. I must have blinked and missed Jan and Feb!!

I feel we have been so busy lately, but we haven't really done a great deal. Our routine hasn't changed greatly. I have cut down one day of work, but have added in evening swimming lessons for both kids and a kinder session on Fridays.

Add to that, late night meetings at work, information evenings at creche and a "welcome" kinder bbq. All of these I would normally jump at as something interesting and different, but all in one week?...I'd really rather not!

Getting into new routines after school holidays has meant that other things have fallen by the wayside-
"I'll get back into that, once (insert new task) is organised". Blogging is one, running is another.

Nice people use the word "busy". "Slack" is the word I use :(

I'm hoping March will slow down a bit, but if not, Easter holidays are right around the corner!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Routines and responsibility....

I'm big on routine. It fits well with my organised brain.

Finding routine with ever growing kids is hard though. It took 3 months to sort out the routine for Alex as a 6month old baby and then he's 9 months old and needs a different routine!

It is getting easier with toddler/pre-school kids. Their needs aren't changing as much and they are able to help out more. Giving them a routine and responsibility has made them feel useful and grown up.

For example~ we have a strict rule that if shoes are taken off, they get put away. I hate having random shoes strewn about the house. So now both kids know they have a shoe basket under the bed and that's where the shoes go. Even the Alex at 2yo can manage.

Clothes are making it to the hampers in the laundry and library books get read then returned to the library bags ( very important in a house full of books- easy to lose!)

The newest is Megan is learning to set the table. She is proud of herself and it's one less job we have to do at hectic dinner time.

As they get older we will have to add to the list of "helping jobs". They'll love it and it help us.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The start of something new...

Megan started 3yr old kinder last week. She loved it, I wasn't upset, so a win all round...

Here are some of the things she did in the short orientation visit she had.

Such a big girl now...

playdough and glueing...couldnt have asked for anything she would rather do!

Playing on the climbing frame and trampoline

playing with the super-huge dolls house.

She had a such a great time and even when I told her she would be staying for much longer next time and I wasn't going to to be staying, she was fine..."Ok mum".

Looks like she has settled in really well!


They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so I guess boys are from outer space somewhere too!

They are just a whole new species to me! I have always had a man/boy in the house my whole life (dad, brother, husband) but having my own little boy has highlighted just how different they are to little girls.

Here are some the things I have discovered about boys....

  1. They are loud.
  2. They take up loads more space.
  3. They need to move almost constantly.
  4. They LOVE rough and tumble games.
  5. They love to be thrown, flown, swooped around.
  6. They can pick themselves up even after the nastiest of crashes or bangs.
  7. They still need mum, even if its to kiss the sore spot better before heading off to keep playing.
  8. They don't like clothes.
  9. They learn very quickly how to take off nappies.
  10. They wee as soon as the afore-mentioned nappy has been taken off!
Ok, so this is what I have learnt about MY boy, but from talking to other mums, Alex is not much different to other boys.

If this is what my 2year-old boy is like, looks like I'm in for an interesteing ride to come!

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