Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time away from them...

I love my kids: heart and soul, to the ends of the world and back. But gee I love time away from them!

We (hubby and I) are currently on school holidays, but the kids have return to thier daycare centre after a week off over Christmas/New Years.You might think it's unnecessary to send them when we are at home, but I look at it this way.

Our childcare centre (or creche as we call it) doesnt give reduced holiday rates, so we are paying regular fees regardless of whether the kids are there or not. If we dont send them, it uses up some of the allowed absences for the year. So we thought they may as well go for a few hours, solialise with their friends, and we get some uninterrupted adult time!!

I usually plan particular activities during creche days...scrapbooking stuff spread out all over the table, lunch out~just the 2 of us, shopping in places that would be a nightmare with 2 toddlers, etc. The kid-free time is bliss and usually flies by faster than ever.

And as icing on the cake, by the time we go to pick the kids up again, I have usually missed them to bits and they are super-excited to see us. So the time apart has brought us closer together!


Viana said...

My baby has been a bit feral lately, and to leave him for a couple hours on Friday while I went to fill in at my old work was wonderful!! And you're right, by the time I went to pick him up, I couldn't wait to give him a cuddle again :)

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