Sunday, 4 March 2012

Was there a time BK...?

We often refer to the time BK (before kids) as a simpler time...less stress, more money, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love having our kids and wouldn't change anything, it's just that there are distinct differences between BK and now. I've listed a few below.

Our dogs
BK: Wash and towel dry their dirty feet so that they can come inside the house.
NOW: They stay outside and get dirtier.

BK: Watch whatever we liked, whenever we liked.
NOW: Is there any other channels besides ABC4kids?

BK: Stay up late talking, reading, watching that movie that goes until midnight, who cares??
NOW: Need to be in bed before 10pm to get plenty of sleep before the nightime visitors and the VERY early risers.

BK: Get out the dustbuster so that the floor doesn't look dirty.
NOW: What crumbs? Can't see any amongst the mess!

BK: Out for dinner, movies, night away on a whim. Grab car keys and go...
NOW: Need 20 mins just to pack nappies, snacks, drink bottles, change of clothes and underwear in case of accidents.

Oh how times change...


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