Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crafty Mumma's...eat your heart out!!!

I love reading blogs of mums' out there with so much time and patience that they do wonderfully crafty things with their kids and awesome home reno stuff during their other spare time. I am immensley jealous of their time and creativity...but I think I may hold my own today!!

The kids are starting to produce more and more art work at creche (and Kinder for Megan) and our display space is limited. Our current set up is a space for a single piece of art or a few very small ones. I stole this idea from a craft market that wanted to charge big bucks for something quite simple.

Simple craft board from Bunnings with pegs on the front, picture hooks added to the back and then decorated.

I read (in a blog) about using the space on the back of the kids' bedroom doors for display, which is also a delicate way of hiding the pieces that don't quite cut the muster for the family room! We decided to use the doors of the kids wardrobes, but found they kept playing with the bluetack and the art work would then fall down.

So, here lies my brilliance!!

Ribbon Picture Rails with pegs!!!

Simple huh? So many more pieces can fit without the mess of pulled off bluetack and less of a picture turn over...and I also don't get in trouble for "filing" the older peices.

To make me feel more like those "crafty mumma's", I'll give you a step-by-step guide to how I did it. (dont worry you wont read any more blogs like this, it's a once off! I'm just a bit proud :) )
Bare wardrobe doors
Wrap the ribbon around the door, straight on the front, angled at the back (or however you want, really!)
Cut off the excess ribbon

Secure with a pin at both ends of the door. Our doors still close easily.

Hang your art work with little craft pegs.
I am very happy with the result and the kids love seeing their art hanging in their room. It cost about $6 in ribbon and possibly a few dollars more for pins and pegs (but we had these floating around already). Once you are done with the ribbon rails, there should only be a few holes in the ends of the doors that you wont really see.

So, this is "wannabe-crafty-mumma" signing off and going back to craft mediocrity!!


Viana said...

Ooo, I love it! Might have to steal that idea!

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