Thursday, 9 February 2012

The start of something new...

Megan started 3yr old kinder last week. She loved it, I wasn't upset, so a win all round...

Here are some of the things she did in the short orientation visit she had.

Such a big girl now...

playdough and glueing...couldnt have asked for anything she would rather do!

Playing on the climbing frame and trampoline

playing with the super-huge dolls house.

She had a such a great time and even when I told her she would be staying for much longer next time and I wasn't going to to be staying, she was fine..."Ok mum".

Looks like she has settled in really well!


PlanningQueen said...

Our youngest started three year old kinder last week too. He has two 3 hour sessions. He loved it, I didn't get upset, but it is taking me a little to get used to!

Just Mum :) said...

Thanks planning queen- It does take getting used to. Very different dynamics at home with 1child missing!

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