Sunday, 12 February 2012

Routines and responsibility....

I'm big on routine. It fits well with my organised brain.

Finding routine with ever growing kids is hard though. It took 3 months to sort out the routine for Alex as a 6month old baby and then he's 9 months old and needs a different routine!

It is getting easier with toddler/pre-school kids. Their needs aren't changing as much and they are able to help out more. Giving them a routine and responsibility has made them feel useful and grown up.

For example~ we have a strict rule that if shoes are taken off, they get put away. I hate having random shoes strewn about the house. So now both kids know they have a shoe basket under the bed and that's where the shoes go. Even the Alex at 2yo can manage.

Clothes are making it to the hampers in the laundry and library books get read then returned to the library bags ( very important in a house full of books- easy to lose!)

The newest is Megan is learning to set the table. She is proud of herself and it's one less job we have to do at hectic dinner time.

As they get older we will have to add to the list of "helping jobs". They'll love it and it help us.


katef said...

It's amazing what the kids can manage giving a little time and effort to get it going...

I used to spend my life looking for sun hats for my super fair boys until I had a light bulb moment and stuck a 'hat basket' just inside the front door. Now even the baby can put his hat away when we comes in and I am never scrambling for a hat!

So that is one routine down, one little thing under control... now to tackle the other 4 million things! LOL

Viana said...

Ah, you're good! I desperately want to have an organised, routine sort of life for Cooper so he learns it from a young age, but I struggle so much with it all myself!!

Glad the kids are picking it up well :) I remember being a kid and loving helping mum with all sorts of chores - I was so proud when I was doing a good enough job ironing dad's hanky's to be allowed to take on ironing of the pillow cases too, lol!

Viana said...

(Uh, I mean 'hankies' not 'hanky's', sorry!! :( )

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