Wednesday, 22 February 2012


It's almost March! I can't believe it. I must have blinked and missed Jan and Feb!!

I feel we have been so busy lately, but we haven't really done a great deal. Our routine hasn't changed greatly. I have cut down one day of work, but have added in evening swimming lessons for both kids and a kinder session on Fridays.

Add to that, late night meetings at work, information evenings at creche and a "welcome" kinder bbq. All of these I would normally jump at as something interesting and different, but all in one week?...I'd really rather not!

Getting into new routines after school holidays has meant that other things have fallen by the wayside-
"I'll get back into that, once (insert new task) is organised". Blogging is one, running is another.

Nice people use the word "busy". "Slack" is the word I use :(

I'm hoping March will slow down a bit, but if not, Easter holidays are right around the corner!


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