Thursday, 11 August 2011

The waiting game...

The waiting game is usually a huge hassle. Take someone as impatient as me, coupled with 2 young kids and waiting is not something we do well.

We were shopping in Baby Bunting today when that tell-tale smell wafted past. At first I thought, "Oh no, it's Megan and I dont have a change of clothes for her!" Luckily, Alex was the culprit (ha, who'd have thought I'd be happy he had pooed!!). Nappy bag was easily retieved from the car and I happily thought "Thank goodness Baby Bunting knows it's clientelle so well that they have a parents room."

But it was occupied and we had to wait. "Oh God...come on...waiting for someone to finish breast-feeding, we could be here all day with a smelly are gonna go crazy waiting..." were the thoughts bumping around my head.

", look at this....balls...nice lady talking to" were clearly the thoughts going round the kids' heads!! They could not have been more happy to wait while playing with all the great baby/kid related items around them. Mum and Dad weren't dragging them off anywhere so they took full advantage of the opportunity to stay right with all the cool stuff.

All the while, I was champing at the bit to get in, get clean, get going....impatient to the core!!

Of course, once the offending bottom was clean and we had to leave all the cool toys...the fun really began!


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