Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sorry Mum!!!!

Sorry Mum. ....I mean it.....I'm sorry!

I now know how you felt. I now understand your frustration. I have a daughter who, at dinner time, wont eat anything, wont even try anything. And thinking back....that was me!!

I wouldn't eat much as a kid...only what I knew. I would never try anything new. Mum would have to cook seperate parts of diiner just for me, because I was so fussy. Sometimes she would even make a completely seperate meal.

Now, I'm the mum. Now, I'm the one who cooks lovely dinners only to have them ignored, pushed around the plate, left to go cold. Meals, that I know Megan would like...if she tried them. Often something as simple as chicken cut differently or in a different sauce. But it looks different so she wont have a bar of it. I'm not up to the point of cooking sepertate meals for my fussy eater, but if I want her to get the nourishment I need, I just might.

So...heartfult sorries are sent out to my mum. My wonderful mum who put up with years of a fussy child who would not eat the perfectly good food put in front of her (most of which, now I actually love...once I tried it!!)


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