Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Simple pleasures

Alex is almost 20 months old and loves balls. All shapes and sizes, any time of the day. He has just learned how to throw a ball up in the air or in his words "up there". It was so funny to watch him try to throw the ball above his head, without actually letting go!

Tonight our family went out for tea with our extended family and unfortunately in our area, the choice of eateries is restricted to good food OR child friendly. Naturally with our little ones and my brother's slightly older little ones, we chose child friendly. The only problem is that the pub we went to is child friendly to older kids capable of climing onto the McDonald's-style play equipment.

The saving grace was the goody-bag that Mike bought for the kids for two bucks. The yo-yo got chucked out, Megan liked the colouring book and crayons (for about 5 minutes) but the absolute winner was the balloon.

That thin piece of rubber kept Alex going all night. He threw it, chased it, kicked it, hugged it, squeezed it. He entertained us and those around us with his antics. It was the absolute best thing that could have kept him engaged for such a long time.

And so now...stashed in my handbag and the kids' bag is a little balloon...waiting to be blown up and deliver the same excitement as tonight!


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