Monday, 15 August 2011

Super-sonic Mum Powers

I'm a superhero! Come on, we all knew it...I'm just putting it out there!!

I have more than one super-hero power, too. Apart from super-human abilities to juggle 3 saucepans of dinner, talk on the phone, remember that bill hasn't been paid yet and settle domestic disputes all at once ( mundane!!), I have SUPER SENSES!!

Yes, I can smell THAT smell eminating from a certain fella's behind from the other end of the house, when no-one else seems to notice...AMAZING!!! super-sonic hearing is unbelievable. I can be sound asleep and hear the faintest murmer down the baby monitor and I'm wide awake, alert, not going back to sleep even if the little bloke didn't wake up.

Clearly I should have my own comic book hitting bookstores very soon!

...oh wait...hang on....I think I have just listed the pre-requisites for mum-hood...


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