Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Toddlers are easier!

I know each phase of a young child's life has it's own challenges and rewards. But my kids are toddlers and beyond now, so shopping is a breeze!

We had to race out to the shops today to grab just something quick and it was so nice to just throw the kids in the car...and nothing else!! We left the nappy bag behind because Alex is pretty regular with that area now and I could be pretty sure we weren't going to have any poo explosions while we were gone. We didn't take a change of clothes because there are toilets at the shopping centre for Megan. We didn't take food or drink bottles, because the kids can survive for 15mins being hungry or thirsty and if they are really desperate, something bought from the shops is good enough.

We did visit the parents room for the toilet stop (which for Megan is fun when we are out...not so much at home!!) and there were several mums with littles, heating food, breast feeding, etc. It was great to race in, visit the loo and be off again with little disturbance to our shopping trip!


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