Thursday, 10 May 2012

Progress Report...

It's been a while so here's what's new.....

  • was doing really well with #2's in the toilet, until.....
  • last weekend she got gastro/food poisoning/not sure. Threw up in her bed just as we had gone to bed. Cleaned her up, stripped the bed and couldn't be bothered re-making her bed so brought her into bed with us. Surely there was nothing left for her to vomit up...right??? WRONG!! So now a queen bed to be stripped, new sheets and doonas found, towels covering the bed. Slept for an hour, off she goes again. Another clean up, more blankets, more towels. Repeat 2 more times...almost running out of towels and blankets (she always managed to get just a little bit of spew on the blankets...enough to need them changed. Grrr!). She felt better in the morning and we got a few hours of sleep. She hasn't eaten much since then but is slowly recovering, I think.
  • we bought a tent for cheaper, more frequent family holidays and Megan is very excited about camping. It has been pitched in the backyard to check it all out and she has loved helping set it up and play in it. Pity the weather is so miserable that we can't try it out overnight.
  • is fast approaching her 4th birthday and preparations are underway. She wanted a 'Busby' (from The Hive) birthday cake so we are going with a bit of a bee theme...well a HUGE bee theme actually!!
  • actually did art-work at creche the other day! I was so excited 'coz he refuses to do crafty things there. The girls at the centre said I should soak it up while I can so I did!
  • got a cute new beanie

  • is speaking so well that I have to remind myself that he is only 2!
  • loves copying Megan still, so he rattles off "A.L.E.X spells Alex!" Don't think he has any idea what he is actually saying though :)
  • really enjoys swimming now. He wants to do what the older girls do, but he still has a death grip on the teacher. He is actually getting to the point of too confident and starting to do silly things while waiting for his turn. Have to keep a keen eye on him!
  • has been interested in the toilet/potty for ages but never actually did anything until tonight! Wee in the toilet after he said "I want to go to the toilet". After such disaster with Megan, I'm not holding my breath!!
  • found this image on Pinterest and it totally sums up Alex's outlook on things at the moment!!



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