Thursday, 26 July 2012

Current phrases...

We seem to have cycles of phrases that go round and round our house, then slowly disappear.

There are 3 phrases currently ( though I suspect one will be around for quite a while!)

1. I WANT TO DO IT ... ALL BY MYSELF!--We hear this for everything, so naturally EVERYTHING takes ages! Independent little buggers!

2. SIXTY HUNDRED-- Apparently this is the most you can love someone!!

3. MU-U-UUM-- long and drawn out. I was so excited when they first said Mum....but now.....!!????


katepickle said...

I love those little sayings that are so specific to an age or stage or child...

Right now I hear "I neeeeeeeeeedit" quite a lot and we are trying so hard to keep our toddler miss-saying his siblings names. I want him to call Zoe 'doo-doo' forever!

Just Mum :) said...

It is lovely isn't it? That's why I wanted to document it so that I remember!

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