Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spoilt for choice...

We decided to reign things in this year, for birthdays and Christmas. Rather than lots of toys that get played with for 15minutes and then discarded, Mike and I decided for something big and something small.

The plan for Christmas is to build a cubby house-cum-swing set-cum-slide. Of course, it will be quite difficult to choose the 'something small' when the layby-for-xmas toy catalogues come out!

So, with Megan's birthday coming up at the end of June and we have started to think about birthday presents for her.

Really, she needs nothing. She has clothes, shoes and books galore. We have loads of crafty/make-y things. She has a bike, scooter, balls, etc.

I'd rather not buy her another 'thing'. I'm sure it will be loved and gushed over for a while, but in the end it will be forgotten or broken.

I asked her what she wanted and she has said over and over, she wants a camera. I can understand this idea. I am always taking photos, with my phone and great digital camera. We have tried the camera gift before. She got one of the sturdy, kids cameras for Christmas but the screen was so tiny and dodgy that it was a waste of time. All the kids want to do is take a photo and look at it, so that one was returned.

So here, is the question. Do we get her a real digital camera and teach her how to use to properly and look after it? Can we share a love of photography and nurture a budding artisit? Could she be the next Ansel Adams or Max Dupain? (Do I sound impressive knowing 2 fantastic photographers???)

Or do we go with an experience gift (which I love)? Disney on Ice will be here just after her birthday and co-incides nicely with the school holidays.

Both are expensive, so we need to decide right....but what to choose???


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