Sunday, 13 May 2012


Since it's Mother's Day today, I started remembering some of the things I should never forget....
  • tiny clothes
  • stress over breastfeeding and wishing someone would just say "It's not working, it's time to stop!"
  • all the milestones
  • watching them sleep
  • 1st Mother's Group-not realising that we would still meet every week, almost 4 years on
  • that first black tar poo!
  • calling them he/she for a few weeks coz it took that long to fully understand that the little, pink blob was a person
  • people handing back a crying newborn and expecting me to know what to do!


Viana said...

LOL!! Ah, I remember that... being so stressed if Cooper cried when we were out, 'cuz I felt like people expected me to know what to do yet I was clueless! If Jase was there too, I'd always hand Cooper straight to him!

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