Friday, 4 May 2012

Just one of those days...

It's been one of those days, where I know all of the things I need to be doing, but just can't find the motivation to actually do them.

While Megan was at Kinder, Alex and I needed to pop into the shops then get a few housework-y things done at home before pick up time. Instead- we had a milkshake with Nana and Grandpa in the foodcourt and wandered around the shops just looking. It was great to hang out-just him and me.

After lunch, I had intended to put a movie on for the kids so that I could get some reports written (bad time of the year for teacher motivation!). Instead, I sat and watched the movie with the kids. ***Side note- "Tinkerbell" is a great little kid movie***

Once the kids are in bed tonight, I had planned to get some more school work done or possibly sort out the plastics cupboard that has been on the to-do list FOR AGES.

Realistically, I'll probably catch up on all the stored TV shows clogging up the Digital Recorder, with hubby and a glass of wine....sounds much nicer!


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