Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Time for Christmas...

Christmas Day was a different pace here this year.

There was time to sleep in.....  well...  past 8am anyway.

Time for a leisurely late breakfast...just the four of us.

Time to open gifts one at a time and appreciate them, play with them.

Noticing the time passing and enjoying each other's company.

There were (almost) no fights or tears today. Possibly because the kids didn't hear the word "No" much today.

Chocolate was eaten throughout the day.

Lunch and dinner was leftovers from the big family get together yesterday.

And then even more chocolate was eaten.

Today was nice.

Just what Christmas is supposed to be.


Christmas World AU said...

Hello Lin!
Who doesn't love opening gifts on Christmas? It's probably one of the most-awaited event during this time of the year. This time of the year is all about love and I am happy you were able to share it with loved ones. :)

Christmas World

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