Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Pressure. It's cropped up a bit for us at the moment. Mainly internally directed pressure, which I think is worse than that from external sources. Megan- was worried about not being able to read the writing in one of her books! Despite pointing out that she is still 3, she was quite upset by it. We cheered her up by letting her show us all the letters she already knows and can find in the book. Something that some of my prep students still find hard to do!! Me- changes at work have made me seriously consider going back to work full time next year. Mike could work part time to stop the kids being in care 5days a week, and also give him more time for his uni course. He would do the kinder trips and housework and I'd be the full-time working parent. Lots to think about there!! Could I stand missing the first day of kinder (4yr old for Megan, 3yr old for Alex)? Could I give up my weekly mothers group catchups? Or knowing my week finished at Wednesday afternoon? Could I deny Mike the opportunity to have all this, since I've had it for 4yrs?


Viana said...

Oh, poor little Megan!! So stressful to not be able to do the things you want! :(

Ah, the stress of decision-making! Hope you guys are able to work out what works best for your family and that you are satisfied and pleased with the decision. My sister and her family are starting a similar arrangement this week - big stuff to get used to, but hopefully will work fabulously for their family needs too.

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