Saturday, 5 January 2013

Our first family CAMPING trip...

Tomorrow we leave for our very first family 'camping' trip. We have been on holidays in motel rooms, hotel rooms and caravan park cabins but never in a tent!

The kids are very excited and Megan has been counting down until we go.

We are packing what we think we will need and even what we think we will probably not need! Since this is our first time in this tent, we are unsure of lots of things.

Unsure of what the kids will be like in such a confined space, not having the freedom they have at home.

I am looking forward to the closeness that camping in a tent will provide, however. There will be no TV distractions, early to bed and early to wake.

The only thing worrying me is the 40 degree weather we will be expereincing while we are away. Keeing the kids hydrated and out of the sun will be our biggest challenge during our trip.

Fun will have to come second!!


Viana said...

Good luck!! Hope you all have a blast, and that the nights are cool enough to sleep at least!

Amanda said...

Yes be careful, hope you have a great time.
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Amanda xo

historypak said...

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