Sunday, 29 January 2012

Times have changed...

It's interesting how times have changed. Things we took for granted as kids are no longer common place for this next generation.

Today was hot. The last few weeks have been hot! And we have had some kind of pool on our patio for the kids (and even sometimes Mike and I) to paddle around in. They have had a ball!

But tonight, because of the heat, I went out to water the garden and the kids had so much fun with the hose. I couldn't work out the fascination- until I realised that I rarely water the garden (ours is pretty self-sufficient). So this was a fairly new experience for them. As kids we used to play under the sprinkler all the time, but with water restrictions around for all of Megan's 3.5yrs, fun with running water didn't exist outside of the shower!

They weren't quite happy with being squirted by mum, but having a go at hosing and putting their hands and feet in the pressurised water was great fun! (I was ever conscious that their hosing attempts were somewhat near the plants that needed it!)

No comment about the lack of trigger-hose please! I took it off for the kids to feel the water :)

Maybe one day there will be a time where playing under the sprinkler wont be wasteful and be back to being a great childhood past time. Until then, it'll be wading pools with 10cms of water and the odd playing with the hose while mum waters the garden!


Viana said...

So sad that they miss out on all the water joy :( At least they've had the pool :) I've heard of kids that are scared of rain too, as they've seen so little of it - far cry from my childhood which was regularly spent splashing in puddles!

We have a 10,000 L water tank which we don't actually use for much except drinking and car washing... I'm looking forward to hooking up a sprinkler (can you still buy them??) when Cooper is big enough to run under it :D

Just Mum :) said...

You sure can buy them. My hope is for a slip and slide, remember them? :)

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