Friday, 13 January 2012

Bikes and Dentists...

Bikes and dentisits....thankfully these two are not related in today's blog. There has been no disasterous bike accident needing immediate dental work ~ thank heavens!! No, these are just two big things in Megans life at the moment.

Megan got a bike for Christmas and, boy, was it money well spent! Mike got the traditional Dad-job of putting it together before Christmas day and we made sure we did it the day before Christmas eve so we could race to the shops if anything was missing (nothing was!)

She loves her bike. We went for a walk around the block the other day so she could go for a real ride. We made it halfway before she wanted to walk, but she looked after the bike herself which suited us with a pram and 2 dogs on leads!

We have a small paved patio area where she rides in small circles and thinks it fantastic. We have a huge house block by todays standards but it isnt really bike friendly. Stones are hard ot ride on and steps up and down the patio dont help either. We may have to make some adjustments so she and Alex can hoon around like I did as a kid :)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *       *      *      *      *

Megan had her first denal visit today. Just a get to know you visit, really. We talked about what the dentist does, the big chair, etc and as if by heavenly intervention, "Play School" had a segment on destists yesterday too. All necessary preparation for the stress-head, Megan.

So when we went along to the dentist this morning, she thought it was great. She wouldnt sit on the chair by herself, only on my lap, but she was happy to wear the groovy sunglasses, open her mouth when told and let the dentist have a look at her teeth. She was most impressed with the tooth-fairy sticker she received from the dental nurse when we left. A successful visit as far as she was concerned!

***Not so successful for me however...a filling for me plus being told to get orthodontal cover on our health insurance coz Megan will need it when she gets older... AWESOME!!


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