Saturday, 7 January 2012

the Chatterbox...

Alex recently turned 2 and he amazes me with the things he says. Sometimes it's hard to understand him because of the dummy firmly wedged in his mouth (any ideas on getting rid of that are welcome!) but otherwise he is quite loquacious.

It shouldnt be surprising that he is a good speaker, he has an incredibly chatty older sister as a role model. Here are some of my favourite things that Alex says (with a translation if needed!)...
  • "Mum, watch!"- usually doing something mundane like touching his leg, but wow mum, aren't I clever and I love the attention you atre giving me!
  • "plane!"- he can hear them from a mile away and stares at the sky searching for the source of the noise.
  • "doing?" (What are you doing?) he's happy with any response really, I think he just likes asking something that people understand!
  • "are you?" (Where are you?)- Mum, Dad, sister, toys, everything...
  • "I do it"- and you can't help him either, he has to do it, whatever it is!
  • "'s wrong?" (What's wrong?) I just love that he cares to ask and he can tell by frustrated grunts or groans that there is something wrong!
  • "cuddles"- self explanatory but again I love that he wants a cuddle and I'm happy to give them out.
  • "Kisses"- he's just learnt that kisses make it better so na matter has been bumped or hurt, a kiss makes everything ok again!


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