Saturday, 7 July 2012

Will I jinx myself....?

I hummed and harred over writing this post or not. I really don't want to jinx myself and stuff everything up!

Toiletting post about to begin...look away those not interested!!!

We FINALLY started making Megan wear undies to bed rather than a nappy. I can hear your cries of shock and horror that a 4 yr old was still wearing night nappies. It was part laziness by us and part respect for the "she'll do it when she's ready" adage.

For those not up with the 'Megan toilet saga', she trained herself with wee really easily after she was 2. But we had a whole world of trouble with her going to the toilet to do poo. She has only just got the hang of it after 2 years of cleaning up accidents.

Surely now you can understand our hesitation in taking the leap into night training?? Changing sheets and pyjamas at 3in the morning isnt appealing. And since she had had difficulties in the past we didn't want to rush her before she was ready.

However I'm happy to say that Megan seems to have worked out the mechanics of emptying out before going to bed and holding on during the night. She had an accident the first night but has been dry all this week...even at a sleepover with her aunty in a different bed/environment.

We do make her go to the toilet before she goes to bed and we wake her up to go again when we go to bed. This probably isn't teaching her to wake up herself, but since it causes no big inconvenience to us we will stick to this plan for now.

Any other ideas on getting her to wake herself up would be greatly appreciated!!

Hopefully I haven't jinxed us all and she wets the bed each night from now on!!


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