Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dear 16yr old me...

Dear 16yr old me...

Please watch this clip.... It's really important.

I really wish this was possible. To send a message to yourself in the past with wise advice. But at 16, I'm not really sure if I would have listened, even to myself.

My dad tried so hard to keep me out of the sun, always asking me to cover up or put sunscreen on. I never did. With red hair and blue eyes my chances of getting sunburnt were higher than normal, and me deliberately sun baking did not go down well with Dad!

Now, with kids of my own (both red hair/blue eyes) I am trying as hard as Dad did to keep the covered and protected. The sunsmart message was out there when I was young, as was horrible ads to scare you into slip,slop,slapping. But I ignored them.

I'm hoping that though the 16yr old me cant watch clips like this, maybe my kids will...


mandy said...

Im crying like a baby and about to go lather my kids and myself in sunscreen.

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