Monday, 2 July 2012

The Great Buzzy-Bee Party!

Megan turned 4 last week. Her birthday itself was rather low key. I was devastated that we both had to work on her special day. But it meant she got to have a birthday cake at creche with her day care friends, Nana and Grandpa picked her up so that they could give her some gifts before we took her out for tea for her dinner of choice....SAUSAGES!
and jelly thrown in too!

About 3 months ago, Megan decided that she wanted a Buzby (a cartoon bee) birthday cake and therefore a Buzby party. And so started the months of planning!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE planning these kinds of things. Our error, I think, was that we started too early. For months I have had bee themes running through my head, sights of costumes and glimpses of various types of honey has set my brain ticking. We could do this...and this...and....

I liked the idea of having a pinata. The family kids were old enough to manage it without being too little or too grown up to be silly. Of course there would be no bumble bee pinatas around so I was happy to make one. Over about 5 weeks, we (mainly I) paper mache'd and painted 2 Buzby bee pinatas, the spare being in case I somehow stuffed the first one up! In the end it was great to have 2 so that the kids had twice as much fun whacking the c*** out of it!!

Our ideas for the cake were not as lavish as usual. Either that, or a bumble bee just fitted nicely into a round cake and simple design!

Naturally at a 4yr old birthday party, there had to be costumes. Again, I broke out my creative juices and make Megan a costume. Not my finest effort, but she was happy and that was all that mattered! Even hubby, myself  and grandpa had a bit of fun dressing up!
The Queen Bee!
The Bee Keeper!
Grandpa Bee!

And in typical fashion, after (most of) the food had been eaten, the games had been played and the presents opened, the guest of honour fell asleep on the couch very soon after the last party-bee had left!


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