Friday, 13 April 2012

Nothing is free...!

The best things in life are free...that's bull***t!!!!!!!!

Nothing is free- especially when it comes to entertaining kids.

It is the end of the Easter school holidays and we thought it'd be nice to do a family activity to finish things off. Money is tight at the moment, so we were leaning from the cheap activity towards the free side of things. I said...nothing is free... unless you stay home.

Our options were either 'pay' or 'go'...

PAY= entry fee somewhere. 2adults +2kids is usually a good deal but still hikes up quickly (even if we took our own lunch)

GO= going somewhere free like a great park or the beach but still paying for petrol (which is as astronomical as an entry fee at the moment!!)

No wonder parents cringe at school holidays. Plonking the kids in front of the TV doesn't seem so bad anymore!


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