Sunday, 1 April 2012

Choose your attitude...

A few years back, my workplace had a bit of a low staff morale issue. To try and combat this, the "powers that be" came up with the motto "CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE". A bit corny, but essentially- you have the choice to look at something negatively or positively.

Today, Alex upended all the magnetic letters and other magnets all over the floor and had fun walking through them, kicking bits everywhere. I gave him the "did you really need to do that?" face and then somehow "CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE" popped into my head. I had 2 choices:
  1. I could growl at him, make him feel ashamed for exploring gravity, noises and just being a little kid.
  2. or I could say "Why don't we clean up this mess now" and use it as a chance to show that making a mess can be ok as long as it gets cleaned up afterwards.
I chose option 2 and feel quite proud of myself. We took less than a minute to pick up everything (Megan even wanted to help the cleaning process) and we had a nice little chat as we did it. Smiles all round!

I dont like being the grumpy mum, but being a bit OCD about toys all over the floor, crazy-yelling-mean-mum comes out quite often. Today, she didn't make an appearance and I'm glad!


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