Thursday, 26 April 2012

Almost...maybe...could be...!

Don't want to jinx myself, but I think we might be getting there...almost, maybe, could be...!

Megan has been doing #1s in the toilet with few accidents for almost a year now. Sadly, #2s were not so easily learned.

We tried everything, every strategy we could find, every suggestion we heard about. We made reward charts, promised lollies, made her clean her undies, laughed at accidents, ignored accidents, made her sit for ages, let her have nuddy time, wrote a 'Poo Story', got the potty out, hid the name it, we tried it.

We growled in frustration a lot (not proud of that one), but after a year of cleaning pooey undies, it was hard not to! She got frustrated too, she cried sometimes and often hid or said she hadn't had an accident when she had. She would even hold it in.
It's not like we forced it on her- she wanted to be a big girl and do poo in the toilet...she just didnt get it. We were so worried, especially after the health nurse said that she could lose the sensation of needing to go if she kept it up. Pleasant topic I know!!!

But I think the penny may have dropped. She is happy to toddle off now and so proud when she can tell us (and yes, even show us) when she has gone. She isn't 100% yet, but there have only been 1-2 minor accidents in about a month. What was the trigger, the idea! Time, I guess. And if you had told me that 12 months ago, I would have laughed...and possbily thrown you off a tall building.

Upon reflection, she clearly wasn't ready for doing poo in the toilet but since she was definately ready for weeing, how do you manage one and not the other? And worse I want to go through it all again with Alex??? He's about the age Megan was when she first started and he is certainly interested in it all. But I think we can hold him off for a bit. Surely he can survive in nappies for a while longer..!


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