Friday, 30 December 2011


I dont do New Years' Resolutions. Lots of people don't, coz they know they wont stick to them. My reason is because I dont think we need to wait til New Years' to decide to make changes in our life. Lose weight (classic "I'll start my diet on Monday!"), change careers, save more money...whatever it is, if we really want it, why wait? Do it now!

My "New Year's Resoultion" was made back in March or April. I had recently begun working 4 days a week (a jump from the previous 2 days a week) and was finding it really tough. The house never seemed to be tidy, I was always tired and the kids began a year of being sick.

So I decided that next year I would do my utmost to cut back work to 3 days. I let my principal know as often as I could that I was finding it hard to juggle everything and when it came to the crunch in November, I requested and was granted 3 days of work for 2012. Jump for joy, laugh and cheer!!

3 days of work and then 4 (consecutive, very important!) days off. One day will continue to be the necessary Mother's Group morning (which often spreads to lunch and even afternoon sometimes!) where the kids play with their friends and I sit, chat and laugh with the mums.

Friday will be Megans' 3yr old Kinder day (very excited about this, both her and I). I originally thought, "Great, 1 kid out of the house, I'll use that time to clean." Then I realised that Alex (being child #2) and I have never had regular alone time. So this will become "OUR TIME".

And then the weekend arrives where we can all do family stuff together, or clean or just bum around...whatever.

So I can say that I have already ticked off my major resolution ~ work less! Now about losing weight and saving more money....hmmmmmmm! :)


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