Friday, 16 December 2011

How far would you go?

I watched a movie today that made me think of things I would never have considered before. If any parent has not watched "My Sister's Keeper" then I recommend you do- and with several boxes of tissues on hand.

The essence of the film was how far do you go to save your child's life. Until this movie I would have answered the generic "step in front of a bus" type response. Having watched the ordeal this family goes thru made me seriously think about how far I'd actually go.

I would like to think I'd match the tenacity and never-give-up attitude of the mother in the movie without question. The gut-wrenching agony of watching my child go through pain and suffering would make me so intent on doing whatever I could to stop it, regardless of consequences.

But with outsiders glasses on, as viewers, we see what this does to the rest of the family. And our basic need to protect our children may be prolonging the pain as well as prolonging the inevitable.

It's a horrible situation to be in with incredibly difficult choices either way. Hopefully this is something I never have to consider, let alone go through.

(footnote- before this movie I knew about cancer, it's treatments and side effects. But now I understand it so much more and have an enormous amount of respect for anyone dealing with it, either themselves or someone they know)


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