Sunday, 6 November 2011

You want what??

I have boring tastes, no doubt about it. I don't have a high fashion wardrobe or hairstyle. And my mum will attest to my fussiness with food as a kid (see earlier blogs for more details on that!!)

Since marrying Michael, I have battled with the flavours of his heritage. Mike's parents come from England and so, despite being born in Australia, Mike has English taste buds. We have HP sauce, Yorkshire puddings and English rissoles. Some of these flavours I have come to like, others DEFINATELY not!!

The flavour combinations are what really throws me and it seems to have been passed down to Megan. One of the first cringe-worthy meals Mike had was cheese and onion on a sandwich. You might think that sounds ok but I don't.

The other day, Megan was about to have a peanut butter sandwich until she saw the cheese in the fridge and decided to add cheese to her lunch. My initial thought was "no way" but I remembered that I'm boring and shouldn't restrict anyone else. Still, we thought she would take one bite and ask for a new sandwich, but no. "Delicious!" she says.

Today she trialled Vegemite and ham. Apparently another success story. Who knows what the request will be tomorrow! But I won't question her. I'll just baulk while I make her combination and hope it will be the next flavour sensation!! She might create the next "salt & vinegar chips"!!!!! (yuk!!!)


Just Mum :) said...

Now it's jelly and yoghurt!! Hmmmmnm...

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