Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bye, bye baby...

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! I no longer have babies. If I don't have a cot then I mustn't have babies anymore either! :(

Alex has been in a bed full time for about 2 months now (see earlier blogs for details on how fabulously that's been going!!!) For a while we kept the cot in his room "just in case", but never with the real intention of using it. We didn't want to go backwards on the forwards move we had made.

So last weekend I bit the bullet and listed the cot and change table on eBay and today they left. Bit sad really ...they've been nice pieces of furniture in our home for almost 4 years. But time moves on, kids grow up. suppose I'd better get used to that!

Hopefully the new little baby-to-be who now owns our old cot will love it as much as we did...and perhaps even knaw on it like Megan did when she was teething...


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