Friday, 18 January 2013

Final post here at Blogger...

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Family games night...

Tonight we had a family games night. We played dominoes, memory and some puzzles.

Megan loved it as usual, and Alex stayed and played for much longer than I had anticipated.

It wasn't planned or requested, but was great quality time. I love it when that happens....

We will be back...

Well, we did it... survived our first camping trip during ridiculously hot weather and the threat of possible bushfires looming in the background.

The kids loved the whole experience. They did get hot, but it was a great reason to spend loads of time in the pool. (I couldn't convince them into the river, despite my best efforts)

The tent experience was enlightening for us. Mike and I have both been camping before, but testing this particular tent out with the kids showed us that what we have doesn't cut it and we are now researching other brands and designs.

I had thought we had grossly over-packed the amount of camping "stuff", but most of it was used or the potential to use it was there.

We had friends staying nearby which turned out to be fantastic. I had always thought that holidays with friends kind of defeats the purpose of going away- you can spend time with them at home, why travel to hang out? But spending an evening with friends while the kids entertained each other was a great break for us as parents.

Taking the kids' bikes was a GREAT idea, too. Whenever they got underfoot, or bored, we sent them out on their bikes to do laps of the caravan park. Thankfully it was a small, quiet caravan park so they passed us often enough for us to keep an eye on them.

So, all in all, it was a great few days away. Just long enough to enjoy, despite the weather, and we are already planning our next sojourn. Hopefully it will become a regular event on our calendar and maybe even an Easter trip is on the cards.

(I had hoped to add some photos from our time away, but Blogger is being a pain and not letting me upload. Visit me over at if you have an Instagram account for the few pics uploaded there. I think the time has come to move on to another spot in cyber-space!)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Our first family CAMPING trip...

Tomorrow we leave for our very first family 'camping' trip. We have been on holidays in motel rooms, hotel rooms and caravan park cabins but never in a tent!

The kids are very excited and Megan has been counting down until we go.

We are packing what we think we will need and even what we think we will probably not need! Since this is our first time in this tent, we are unsure of lots of things.

Unsure of what the kids will be like in such a confined space, not having the freedom they have at home.

I am looking forward to the closeness that camping in a tent will provide, however. There will be no TV distractions, early to bed and early to wake.

The only thing worrying me is the 40 degree weather we will be expereincing while we are away. Keeing the kids hydrated and out of the sun will be our biggest challenge during our trip.

Fun will have to come second!!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toy weapons...

It took us a long time to buy Alex a toy weapon. He was using anything as a sword so we capitualted and bought him a foam one.

It was only short-sighted saving of legs and furniture that prompted the purchase. I really didn't want him to have any weapons but since he was determined to use pretend swords regardless of my views, we gave in.

I'm uncertain about our purchase of bubble guns too. We are calling them bubble squirters but Alex is still "killing monsters" with them.

You might be laughing at my reservations of such toys. "They're harmless" I have heard people say a fair bit. But I just don't like the idea of my 3yr old son choosing to hurt or kill something delibertaely, albeit imaginative. (And yes, I'm concerned about Alex coz Megan isn't at all interested)

The recent shooting at an American primary school has prompted much debate about guns in our society, how toys and games innoculate kids against the horror of death and serious injury. I am a very keen anti-gun supporter and am glad Australia is different to America in regards to gun laws.

Many poeple say that guns don't kill, people do. To some extend that is true, but how many 6 yr olds would be dead if that man in America had only a knife instead?

I guess I just want to keep my little boy from thinking it's ok and normal to stab or shoot another human or animal. Maybe he'll never be like that and I'm worrying (and controlling) over nothing.

But I also wonder if the parents of that man in America had the same fears?.......

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Never Mind...

When Alex wets his pants and starts to get upset, I say "Never mind!"

When Alex falls over and grazes his knee and starts to cry, I say "Never mind!"

When Alex drops his yoghurt all over my clean floor and rug, and I start to get upset, he says, "Never Mind Mum!"

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Time for Christmas...

Christmas Day was a different pace here this year.

There was time to sleep in.....  well...  past 8am anyway.

Time for a leisurely late breakfast...just the four of us.

Time to open gifts one at a time and appreciate them, play with them.

Noticing the time passing and enjoying each other's company.

There were (almost) no fights or tears today. Possibly because the kids didn't hear the word "No" much today.

Chocolate was eaten throughout the day.

Lunch and dinner was leftovers from the big family get together yesterday.

And then even more chocolate was eaten.

Today was nice.

Just what Christmas is supposed to be.


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