Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kids and secrets...

Kids and secrets... The short response is....they aren't compatible!

Monday is my birthday and Mike took the kids shopping yesterday for my gift. He must have said to them that they can't tell mum what they was a secret.

I think it took Alex all of about an hour to let the first cat out of the bag. He was playing and then out of the blue....

Alex: Mum it's a surpise...
Me: What is?
Alex: Your's a surprise!


Megan spoiled the second today. She was playing with a felt board and felt figures at a party. We were talking about how there were two people and there was two of all the party things which worked out well. There were also two presents, one of which she said...

"This one is earrings, Mum."

Luckily I had suggested each of these gifts so they weren't a HUGE surprise, but I'm guessing Mike will be shopping by himself next year!!


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