Monday, 1 October 2012

Purely Egotistical...

A friend commented on how much she looked forward to each installment of this blog, which got me thinking.... Who else does? Who out there reads about Megan and Alex?

I write for the fun of it, and for Megan and Alex to look back on sometime in the future, but that doesn't mean that I don't get a kick out of knowing that others may enjoy reading what I have written.

So, I ask a few minutes of your time to comment below on your reading habits. Just so that I might have a bit of an idea on who sees my little patch of internet!

Do you come often (that sounds like a cheap pick up line!!)? Are you a long time reader, an occasional viewer or new visitor?

Do you subscribe via email? Visit from my Facebook links? Pop in just randomly?

Please leave a comment below to let me know :) You can click on the drop down menu and select 'Anonymous' if you aren't in the internet world yourself. Or comment on the Facebook link.

Also please feel free to subscribe via email with the link on the top right of the page. If you do subscribe, can you please let me know coz I dont have any idea of how many people do!!!

For those new to 'M&A's World', and those who may not have noticed, I've added some new pages at the top. The regular posts come under 'Their World' and some info on the family comes under 'Me' and 'Them'.

You can also view previous posts from the Archive link on the side panel and check out some of my favourite Blogs from the links on the side as well.

The lovely Bel at a mums reality had given me some insight into another Blog host, but I think I'll stay here... for a little while longer anyway :)



Mandy said...

I have to say Lin,I read everything. You have a way with words discussing everyting from the triumphs of being a parent to the lows of being a parent. It helps me to realise I am not alone in this parenting caper, and to look out for those special moments that may otherwise slip by. Keep going. I'm sure Megan and Alex will love this when they are older :)

Manisha said...

I love reading them Linda!!

Rachel S said...

I dont read all of the entires but when i do I really enjoy the honesty, as there is not enough of it in parenting. I find all the information most people share is given a bubble gum lining that make me think I am not a great patent this however make me smile and gives me a feeling that I am not alone....

Rachelle Koeppler said...

Ha ha I pop in when I am on my computer... too hard to read on my phone. :) Good to see we all have the same parenting ups and downs. :) xx

Viana said...

I read them all :) Maybe not as soon as you write them, but I get here sooner or later for a catch up. The link on my blog informs me whenever you have posted something new. (Although lately I've been struggling to make it to my blog... life will calm down shortly, I am sure!)

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