Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Working mum...

Going back to work after Megan was born was not a tough decision. I was looking forward to the adult company and conversation and a few days a week away from me would not hurt Megan. Taking on a 4 day working week this year with 2 littlies has been a different story. Super organisation needed for both work and home, trying to get the correct work/home balance. Adding to my guilt, are little comments from Megan which, in her eyes, are completely harmless and should not make me cry. They do however....

Example #1- Waking up in the morning, Megan asks with a sigh..."Where am I going today, Mum?"

Example #2- Getting ready in the morning, she says "... but I dont want to go to creche, I just want to have breakfast at HOME!!"

Example #3 (and I think the most telling..)-Searching for the right name for the adult in front of her... "Nana, I mean Grandpa, I mean Mum..."


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