Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hysterics and Tantrums!

We attempted grocery shopping after dinner tonight. BIG MISTAKE!! The kids were obviously more tired than we thought, because we had teary, ratty, naughty offspring by the time we left the supermarket.

So when Mike tried to convince the kids that they WANTED a shower before bed, the fun began... Tears and refusals to get undressed from both Megan and Alex. Increase to screaming and refusals to get into the shower from Megan.
"You just need to get your hair washed, then you can get out", I reasoned.
"I dont want my hair washed" screamed Megan...and Alex agreed and refused in his own toddler-y way.
"Too bad, I'm the boss!" was my witty reply.

In the end, the hair got washed, bodies cleaned and shower turned off... (and of course that's when Megan screamed "I dont want to get out of the shower yet!) By this stage, both had upped the anti so much the word HYSTERIA was more than appropriate. Exhausting!

Luckily cuddles and some warm milk makes all right with the world again. But gee...what horrible parents were are...trying to put food on the table and keep little bodies clean!!!!!


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