Friday, 8 June 2012

An art book...

Megan loves all things crafy. We have loads of pictures, glue-ings, paintings that we had previously not know what to do with. Now with her wardrobe display area, we dont have to change things around so often.

I made a scrapbook of the kids' first crafty attempts- annotated with whatever was exciting about it. Though I haven't kept them up as much as I had hoped, and Alex is SOOOOO not crafty that there is almost nothing to put in his!

But still, what to do with all those other pictures? What about the good ones that are actually cute to look at? I've kept most of them (and there's lots!) just in case...of something...but dont know what.

One friends suggested that I take photos of them and make a photo book as a Christmas present for the kids. Not a bad idea, so I've started taking photos...again...just in case!

I guess this is what it could look like.

If I am organised enough, I'll give it a go this year. Might just hold onto the pictures though...just until I'm sure I can throw them away!


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